About Us

Kim, Myself and our three boys have all been involved in the setting up of this business. Our boys have worked and contributed to all our business, Cairns Car Wash Cafethis ensures they have a good work ethic and understand how business works.

We came up with the concept of the Car Wash Café after spending two years researching car washes both in Australia and abroad. Kim and I worked in carwashes in L.A. to get a full understanding of what we needed to do to achieve our goals of having the most modern, environmentally friendly and customer orientated car wash in Australia.  Over the 13 years of running our Toyworld business we learned that staff is the most important asset to a business, Happy staff means happy customers which in turn means a strong business. Hence we Endeavour to employ locals and ensure working conditions are as best as they can be.

Cairns Car Wash CafeI hope this gives you a bit of insight into the reasons behind building our 5 Star Car Wash Cafe

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